Welcome to BodyWise Duluth

IMG_6100Come Home to you.

Everything you need to know will come from within you. This belief is at the core of all the work which is undertaken at BodyWise Duluth. Every session is a journey unique to the clients desires and life experience.

At BodyWise Duluth you are invited to move into deeper relationship with yourself. Allowing your body to be held by a skilled practitioner, supported by a soft mat, and nurtured in its relationship with the earth are powerful actions which leave many BodyWise clients excited to return for further exploration.

BodyWise practitioner Gary Anderson utilizes Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Thai Yoga Bodywork along with decades of personal experience in yoga practice in every BodyWise session. For the client- No previous body work or yoga experience is necessary. Every session is a unique collaboration between the client and the practitioner.

If your initial experience at BodyWise Duluth meets or exceeds your expectations you are encouraged to schedule a series of sessions. A suggested series would include 4 sessions scheduled in two week intervals. This series would allow you to realize the cumulative affects of ongoing exploration and support.